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Beautiful Summer House

Since were talking about summer and it’s beauty.   I thought it would be extra nice to share with you my latest finds; Most beautiful homes in the world If your living in the city, it’s always a delight to go to the province and visit your relatives and stay near the beaches or green […]

Rhythm in my Life

There are days that our life feels sour and we don’t want to do anything and sometimes we feel so alive that we just want to dance and sing out loud.  It’s part of the rhythm of our life.  Ovation can comfort us on times of loneliness, with just a strum and some hum , […]

Working on your Dream Job

Before we enter our college or university,  there is a certain vision in our mind on what we would wanted to become when we graduated.  It’s always end up on the thought that we would like to work on our dream job after graduation. My brother loves to be an architect, that’s why after his […]


When sorry is not enough

Each of us might have received spanking or verbal abuse in our life and we don’t want to reminisce that time in our life but being a battered woman is a different story. Sometimes, i would ask myself how do abusive person becomes abusive?  I am trying to recover from the past events of my […]

Hotel & Restaurant Review

Essential Kitchen Utensils

Jamie Oliver, Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart, these are just some of the famous names in terms of cooking, one thing is for sure they have their own favorite essential kitchen tools that they use each time they step in to their cooking haven.   Some can be extravagant and some may be minimalist, so here […]

movenpicks hotel

Movenpick Resort Cebu Tops Hot New Destinations List in 2013, According to Google, CNN New Filipino-owned Swiss Hotel is Second Most Googled Destination in the Philippines

A new resort in Cebu is gaining a lot of attention not just here but also in the world.  This Filipino owned resort is now second most google destination as per Google 2013 review and via cnn year end report.  I bet this place offers best amenities and service. CEBU, Philippines (December 26, 2013) – […]

double door chicago

A Guide to Chicago’s Best Live Music Venues

Chicago is legendary for her blues scene and as a result the city now teems with live music venues and clubs. From jazz and blues to rock through to dance and hip hop, Chicago has a venue to suit music lovers of all persuasion. The Mid for Club-goers 306 North Halsted Street Since its opening […]


A royal holiday

You invest a lot of your time and energy into working throughout the year. When you are not in the workplace, it is more than likely that you are attending to the high stresses that life tends to send your way. To stay connected with your family and to gain the rest and relaxation that […]

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lipstick image

3 Easy Steps to Apply Lipstick for Busy Moms

For a busy working mom who needs to take the kids to school before going to work, time is very essential and let’s face it, that extra 10 minutes for applying make-up is sometimes hard to squeeze in our daily routine.  Honestly, i can leave the house without any foundation or even a face powder […]

Benefits of Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

While there is no vitamin and mineral supplement that can completely stop the effects of aging, there are several different ones that can make a significant impact on the way your skin looks, how you feel and how much energy you have during the day. If you take one of these vitamins or supplements each […]

Tips for loading a horse onto a trailer

A horse trailer which is also known as a horse float or a horse van is used to comfortably transport the horses from one place to another. If you have been into this work for long then you might be well aware about this trailer and its use but if you are new then there are many […]

5 Things Any New Coffee House Needs for Success

Coffee houses can offer a great deal of satisfaction for those that enjoy relaxing with an espresso or just a regular cup of joe. Although the taste and aroma of these shops plays a dominant role in success, the ambience of the location is what keeps people coming back. From the machines themselves to the […]