Bagasbas Light House Resort and Catherine’s at Daet

catherines daet

Here's  part II of my Daet Escapade. This time, let me introduce you Catherine's Restaurant which you can found on the famous Bagasbas Light House.  If you happen to travel to Daet, Bagasbas Beach is one of their famous travel destination especially those who love to surf because the waves here are … [Continue reading]

Prime Suite Daet – hotel review and how to get there


Prime Suite Hotel is just minutes away from the Daet Centro and very near the Central Plaza Mall which i think is the largest mall in the city. Although, I have been more than ten years in Camarines Sur and it's just almost 3 hours away from Daet, i have never gone to this place before.  So, I … [Continue reading]

Gift Baskets for Corporate Giving

Your favorite clients deserve a high quality and distinctive gift that will impress them and be remembered. That adds to their willingness to consider your products or services even more than usual, so you will get back your return on investment with hopefully increased and even longer lasting … [Continue reading]

Home Renovation Project

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Three Things to Consider When Moving to a New State

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5 Gift Ideas for Fashion Forward Women

holiday magic from Zalora

Women are by nature connected with things that are charming and beautiful. They have a delicate eye for beauty, from its simplest form to the most … [Continue reading]

The Top 5 Restaurants for Food Lovers in the Philippines


The Philippines features a rich foodie culture that any Filipino can be proud of. The country's cuisine has developed from its traditional … [Continue reading]