The Top 5 Restaurants for Food Lovers in the Philippines


The Philippines features a rich foodie culture that any Filipino can be proud of. The country's cuisine has developed from its traditional Austronesian roots, and now has many dishes influenced by neighboring countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia and China. Its tourism industry is also growing … [Continue reading]

3 Easy Steps to Apply Lipstick for Busy Moms

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For a busy working mom who needs to take the kids to school before going to work, time is very essential and let's face it, that extra 10 minutes for applying make-up is sometimes hard to squeeze in our daily routine.  Honestly, i can leave the house without any foundation or even a face powder and … [Continue reading]

Benefits of Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

While there is no vitamin and mineral supplement that can completely stop the effects of aging, there are several different ones that can make a significant impact on the way your skin looks, how you feel and how much energy you have during the day. If you take one of these vitamins or supplements … [Continue reading]

Tips for loading a horse onto a trailer

A horse trailer which is also known as a horse float or a horse van is used to comfortably transport the horses from one place to another. If you have … [Continue reading]

5 Things Any New Coffee House Needs for Success

Coffee houses can offer a great deal of satisfaction for those that enjoy relaxing with an espresso or just a regular cup of joe. Although the taste … [Continue reading]

8 Tips for Choosing a Boat Lift

If you're in the market for a boat lift, it can be difficult choosing between the hundreds if not thousands of options out there. Here are just eight … [Continue reading]


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Attitudes Apparel a retail and manufacturer of garments for different ready to wear fashion are known for their expertise on making corporate wear and … [Continue reading]