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All about my pet : Missing our dear chi-chi

It’s been a while since our pet dog , “chic-chi” passed away.  She was with us for almost eight years and letting her go is really been a crucial to me.  I cried for days and was not able to comprehend the thought that she was really gone.  Reading this EntirelyPets , that tell all about your pet, makes me missed her again, although the pain is not as much as before, it still made me sad somehow because she has been a good companion to me especially on lonely days and nights that we are both alone to cheer each other. 

I consider her as my first child since our daughter arrived to us several years upon acquiring her.  She made me smile, she made me laugh and this cute little dog made our days indeed happy but I guess, as the saying goes,  all dogs goes to heaven and i’m just happy that she’s up there, looking down at me and cheering me on days that I’m lonely.


9 Classic Candy Favorites That Sell Like Crazy

There are multiple generations of people that have fond memories of snacking on their favorite candy as a child. Many of these candies have withstood the test of time and changing tastes. It seems that some things never go out of style and that includes nostalgic candy favorites. Selecting these candies to sell at events or to raise funds is a great way to make easy money. Kids, teens and adults all buy this these classics because they are lots of fun and taste delicious.

Bubble Gum

Bubble gum remains an all time favorite no matter what form it takes. The traditional bubble gum is pink in color and is either round or square shaped. Alternative versions are gumballs with their hard candy shell and soft centers, and small nuggets that come in a pouch package. Many kids practice chewing and blowing bubbles for hours.

Sweet and Sour Chewy 

Gumdrops are probably the original soft and chewy candy. The concept has expanded over the years to include a wide array soft chewy treats that have a sweet or tangy sour flavor. The popularity of gummy candies shaped like bears spawned another candy craze. Now days gummy candies come in all sorts of flavors and shapes.


Lollipops have come to represent the innocence of childhood. No one can argue that putting flavored hard candy on a stick was a genius idea. It is the ultimate portable candy that can be savored for as long as you like.


Licorice is both old-fashioned and modern. In years past, kids only had black or red licorice to eat. Now there are flavors like apple and grape. Shoestring licorice is long, thin and extremely appealing to kids.

Hard Candy With Soft Centers

Hard candy with a surprise soft center is a favorite of many. Two types of candy are paired together beautifully. Eating these creates a sense of anticipation that is only satisfied when reaching the chewy center.

Jaw Breakers

You would think that a candy that alludes to breaking one’s jaw would cause trepidation. Instead, people love them because they are big, colorful and a little challenging to eat.

Powdered Straw Candy

There is something extra fun about pouring a bunch of flavored candy powder in your mouth and letting it dissolve.

Classic concession stand candy is always a hit with any type of crowd that is young or young at heart.

Whose the best? Traders Joe Speculoos vs Lotus Biscoff

It’s been a while since the popularity of Traders Joe and Biscoff Cookie spread and yes this post is way too behind but I guess, it’s okay to be late than never post it at all.


Traders Joe and Lotus has been spreading sweetness not just in the United States but all over the world but reading the labels, i actually found out that it was not originally made in the United States but in Europe.   This popular cookie spread originated in Belgium and Netherlands and i guess just like the famous words, the rest is history.

Peanut butter has been a part of many breakfast in thousands of homes but this cookie butter is indeed far more yummy than the usual peanut butter.

But whose better?  Trader’s Joe Speculoos or Lotus Biscoff?


Traders Joe Speculoos Cookie Butter

Made with crushed biscuits, you can actually feel the cookies when you eat them.  I chose the crunchy cookie rather than the sweet one since we are not really into very sweet taste.

The first time you dig inside the bottle, you will not yet notice the bits of cookies but upon eating it, you will certainly feel the cookies melting and crunching in your mouth. 

trader's joe

trader’s joe

 You can see that the color of the two cookie spreads are different.  Both has the same calorie content, but of course you have to think about your health and not indulge too much.  But don’t worry because both of them claims to have “no artificial flavors and preservatives”.


Lotus Biscoff Cookie butter

I have read that Lotus Biscoff is a combination of coffee and butter which seems the perfect reason why my taste but prefers it.  Another thing is , Biscoff cookie spread is more tastier and creamier, you can look at the picture above and below.

traders joeAlthough it’s not as affordable as the peanut butter, you can find distributor or even supermarkets selling this two spread now, so i guess the price are already getting competitive and the masses can able to afford it.

Both are delicious and tempting and great to spread on pancakes, waffles, sandwiches and even if you want a speculoos or Biscoff cake perhaps.  Or you can also add this to your favorite viand just like what I have recently cooked.

Kare Kare with Trader's Joe cookie butter

Kare Kare with Trader’s Joe cookie spread

So, what do you think is the best among the two?  Be the judge or better yet, let me repeat this phrase from Trader’s Joe,  “all you have to do is taste it to understand” .

Journey of a Food Porn and Passionate Working Mom

I love to eat, maybe the same reason why I become as big as today. Although, I could not boast that I’m a great cook, i know that my cooking is far good than others I know , must be because I always believe that cooking is a passion. When you put your heart into something, it will turn out good. Not my creation is perfect but with constant practice they can become better and what matters most is that my family believes in me.

For a busy mom like me, it would be a precious chance to create a good food for my family after all it’s a mother’s desire to give the best for her family, to keep them healthy and happy all the time.

Morning would be perfect with my fave breakfast and a happy smile from my family. Although I have never tried to create a delicious breakfast such as this, i am always fascinated on learning especially because it’s our fave.

This is my first time to try to cook “fresh spring rolls” lumpiang sariwa. It turns good and the kids so love it. I am a passionate woman, i do believe that cooking is not just a mother’s job but if you put your heart on it, each meal even it’s simple will bring happiness.

Bicol is well known for it’s sili and hot and spicy foods. This one is my version of hot cheezy fingers which is really hot but very tempting.

A family that eats together, stays together.  Each province has something to be proud of. Ours is this delicious laing.

Who says hot and cold could not be paired together? I so love coffee, I could not live each day without drinking one.

Creating a Wonderful Spring Wedding

Marriages and weddings are indeed one of the celebrated occasions in life. It is an end of a love story and a start of a happy ending. Spring on the other hand is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. It is the most colorful of all the seasons, a more than enough reason to celebrate life and living and the most awaited season for event planning services.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a wedding celebrated during spring? The weather would be lovely and the flowers would be in bloom. The sun would shine so brightly and butterflies would decorate your wedding receptions. Getting married during spring season will make any wedding celebration a memorable and lovely one.

You can even have a spring inspired wedding gown. Lace and butterflies would adore the trail of your gown and guests would definitely adore your beauty while you walk on the aisle. You can have fresh and colorful flowers in your wedding reception area. The entourage can even wear flower crowns. What a lovely wedding entourage it will be. Outdoor weddings are also suitable during spring season. Your guests would definitely enjoy fresh air, a cool spring breeze and of course a wonderful experience as you celebrate this special day with your family and love ones.

Having a wedding celebrated during spring will also constantly remind you of the wonderful love story that lead you to your wedding day. A garden wedding would seem to be the most suited wedding them for your wedding but in reality, you could also try out beach inspired or even the classic intimate wedding celebrations. Actually any wedding theme would be a great one when celebrated during the spring season. Start planning your dream wedding right now and book your wedding with a meeting and event planner.

Sampaloc, Quezon: All set for the 4th Bulihan Festival

Our country has known for different festivals in every provinces.  Every town has it’s own heritage and story to tell and products and delicacies to showcase. Bulihan Festival is just one of those exciting festival to witness.

Spirits are high as residents of Sampaloc town in Quezon Province lay the groundwork for the 4th Bulihan Festival scheduled from April 23 to 26. Now on its fourth year, the Bulihan Festival celebrates the ingenuity and expertise of Sampalukins—that’s how residents of Sampaloc are called—in making products out of buri.

This is all thanks to Mayor Emmanuel S. Torres, who vigorously campaigned to highlight the Bulihan Festival. The town’s amiable and friendly mayor said that the festival has been ongoing for many years now, but it was only in 2010 when he finally decided to give the local craftsmanship full blast promotion.

“This is something I want to highlight in our municipality: the importance of the Bulihan Festival. Through this festival, we give jobs to our residents, and we are able to promote tourism. There’s so much fun and excitement here. I hope they will visit us soon. Discover Sampaloc now!” Torres declared.

There is a full list of exciting activities at Sampaloc beginning on April 23 with the display of native delicacies in a program dubbed “Lutuing Sampalukin.” Fourteen barangays from Sampaloc are taking part in the food show.

bulihan festival

On April 24, the Payas Contest will be held, wherein houses along the parade route are encouraged to decorate the exteriors of their homes with colorful buri and other indigenous materials. The theme for this year’s festivity is “Blooming Sampaloc,.’ Forty-six houses are vying for cash prizes. The first prize will get P25,000, the second P20,000, and the third P15,000. Three special awards will receive P10,000, while 40 consolation prizes of P2,000 each will also be given out. Cultural shows and a display of products made of buri take centerstage during the festivity.

On April 25, the Paradang Bayan 2014 will take place, followed by the awarding of the Search for Natatanging Anak ng Sampaloc. On April 26 comes the Lunesan sa Ilog Festival held on the Maapon River in Kakati, where residents will join in a boat race and hold picnics by the river. The processing of raw materials used in making buri can be witnessed by visitors at Mahabang Tanaw in Barangay Taquico. The process involves steps such as pag-ak-ak, paglillang, boiling, drying, ayikoy, ayikid and minukmukan. Watching the process will be a learning experience for many travelers. Transforming buri into a a variety of products is a unique experience only available in Sampaloc. No other town in the Philippines can this experience be had.

bulihan festival

Mayor Torres encouraged constituents to invite their friends from all over the country to join in the festival’s events. In promoting the fiesta, the local government has launched a homestay program  where the residenst of Sampaloc “adopt” visitors for the duration of the event.  Want to experience Sampaloc, Quezon? Tour packages are available. For details, call Tina Poblete of the Sampaloc Municipal Planning and Development Office at (042) 555-83-42 and (042) 716-0011, or e-mail,, and

bulihan festival

Who is your Kakao-Look-Alike?

Here’s the latest news for all our KakaoFriends;

“Take your KakaoFriends look-alike photo, and win an iPhone 5c or iPad Mini!”

[March 11th, 2014] The increasingly popular messaging app KakaoTalk invites users to become lucky winners of iPhone 5c or iPad Mini through a fun, easy Facebook competition.

Users need to simply ‘like’ the KakaoTalk Philippines Facebook page, choose a KakaoFriends sticker, take a look-alike picture and post it up on their page with #KakaoTalkPH and #KakaoLookAlike hash tags.

The competition continues for two months until April 30th, and a total of 16 winners will be selected for the prizes, with two winners being announced at each week.

KakaoFriends are characters that are exclusively available on KakaoTalk as stickers and animated emoticons. The seven characters—Apeach the peach, Muji the yellow radish in rabbit costume, Con the mysterious crocodile, Frodo the chic dog, Neo the confident cat, JayG the shy mole, and Tube the two-faced duck—with their distinctive personalities and a myriad of emotions characters add fun and joy to users chatting experience. In particular, the animated emoticons of these characters add the ability to express deeper emotions that can’t be easily conveyed in words.

Kakao said, “KakaoFriends emoticons offer a way to express emotions that can’t easily be expressed in words. We hope this contest will help familiarize our users with the hundreds of emotions that our KakaoFriends characters represent, and eventually be able to enjoy a fuller and more exciting chatting experience.”

More information on the contest can be found at KakaoTalk Philippines official Facebook page at

Appendix 1: How do I apply? 

Get a chance to win one out of two iPhone 5c or iPad Minis every week by following these super easy steps:

  1. 1.      ‘Like’ the official KakaoTalkPH Facebook page: ‘Like’ this page and get the fastest and most reliable updates on Kakao’s latest.
  2. 2.      Choose a KakaoFriends emoticon to imitate, and take a look-alike photo of yourself. Is it the blushing Jay-G, Frodo confessing his love, Muzi throwing two thumbs up or Apeach exercising? How about Neo with a dozen shopping bags, or Tube blowing fire in anger? Whoever it is, observe carefully and become the character itself! Take that photo, and check to make sure that yours truly stand out!
  3. 3.      Paste the emoticon you imitated on your photo. Let us know which emoticon you chose and channel this character to the best of your abilities.
  4. 4.      Put a catchy caption with your KakaoTalk ID and use the hash tags #KakaoTalkPH and #KakaoLookAlike. Be creative and show us your wit. Come up with a catchy caption that will totally describe your photo or better yet, your relationship with KakaoTalk.
  5. 5.      Upload it on KakaoTalkPH Facebook page. Share it with us and with the whole cyberspace. Be proud and let your fellow Kakao users see your photo.